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Business Restructuring

Change the way your companie operates

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Management Consulting

Leverage People Improve Efficiency

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What we do


Analyze complex business issues and face special situations.

Highlight potential performance improvements.


Work with executive to implement the recovery plan.

Restructure debt and operations.

Management on demand.


Provide guidance and assistance to executives in solving their most important business issues.

Strategic partnership.

Executive coaching.

What we offer

  • Informal / Financial / Operational Restructuring
  • Crisis Management & Negociation
  • Legal Procedure Assistance
  • Transition Management
  • Deals


  • Protect your Assets
  • Management
  • Turnaround
  • Transition
  • B to B Services
  • Legal Procedures
  • Highly regulated Industries


  • Restructuring 55%
  • Consulting 30%
  • Coaching & Assistance 15%


What is Company Restructuring?

Our vision:

People is your most valuable asset; thus, we avoid redundancies and recommend informal Restructuring.

Informal restructuring is one of the least drastic solution. The company works with its creditors to come up to a negotiated solution to restore company’s financial health. This is done behind-the-scenes by restructuring professionals.

This reduce impacts on team’s motivation, corporate reputation, and shareholder value.

What can we do for you?

We analyze the situation, propose solution, and provide support while implementation.

We aim at building high performing teams.

We propose efficient business processes to increase value generation and retention.

What is Insolvent Trading?
Company becomes insolvent when it can no longer pay its bills, or its liabilities – including contingent liabilities such as redundancy payments – outweigh the company’s assets.
Example of warning signs.

Director’s behavior: Your day to day operations inhibit important and strategic work to be done?
People: Do you experience high staff turnover, social turmoil, internal political issues….
Systems: Do you have monthly accounts management?
Management: Do you know your industry key metrics? Your positioning? Your competitive advantage?
Debtors: Do you know your debtors are? How it impacts your cash flow? Why they do not pay on time?
Banks: Refuse to increase overdraft, to provide loan?
Creditors: Do you have difficulties to meet creditor’s deadlines?